A complete guide to singing


Saturday 20th June

10:30am - 12:30pm


Tickets £10


The Hive, Manor CE School

  • What will the workshop cover?


The functionality of the vocal cords


Voice types








Avoiding cracks & strains


Vocal health


Auditions & gigs


Performance tips & tricks


Building confidence in your voice


Q&A session


What is it?

Here at LJC Vocal Studios we've done workshops before, but we've NEVER done them as cheap as this. You are getting 2 hours of training on the voice from Lucy McLean, the highest qualified vocal coach in York. Normally, a 2 hour session with Lucy would cost £100, so really you're getting this at 90% off! 

The workshop will include all the topics above and a question & answer session at the end to cover any bits you feel got missed.


Why have you changed the workshop?

You might have already heard we were doing some workshops on this date, but we decided to change it up, mix the two workshops together a bit and just do one massive one with a ridiculous discount. Lucy decided she'd rather spend her time spreading the word about good vocal technique, which is her passion, than have a bunch of money in the bank. That's why the workshop is now 90% OFF!

We want York to produce world class singers who really know how to use their voices. That dream starts here.


Who is it for?

So, whether you already gig/perform regularly or not at all, whether you sing musical theatre or rock, whether you're 15 or 50, THIS is the workshop for you. 


How many tickets are available?

There are unlimited tickets available, um... ya know as long as we don't exceed the room capacity. But there are always bigger rooms...!


What if I can't make that date?

Can't attend....? Send a friend!! If you can't make the date, why not send someone else you know who enjoys singing? They can take notes for you and even show you their handouts from the worskhop. It's not quite the same as being there yourself but it's better than nothing! If the workshop is a big success then we might be able to squeeze another one in September before Lucy goes on maternity leave! Yay! 






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