"Whitney - a challenge!" ​14th May 2013

While we're on the subject of incredible female singers… Whitney Houston!

I just recently saw this article in the news about the woman chucked off a plane because she wouldn't stop singing Whitney's 'I will always love you'… badly… no I mean really badly. Awkward.


The article made me chuckle, but then it got me thinking about whitney and how fab she was so I thought I'd share a few insights into one of her most famous songs.

Whitney was an incredible vocalist, and whether you like her music or not, working on it and being able to sing it is

not easy. Her songs easily cover the first and second female bridge, but not only that, the vowels that she uses and the intensity with which she sings some tricky notes are incredibly difficult. In reference to my previous blog post on Beyonce… Beyonce totally performed the beginning of 'I Will Always Love You' which she then mashed with her own song 'Halo'. It was freaking awesome.

So let's look at one of Whitney's most famous pieces, "I Will Always Love You".
Firstly it uses some very wide vowels in the chorus and let me tell you, those wide vowels will trip you up again and again unless you learn the kind of control Whitney has here! So why don't you give yourself a little test here to see what I mean… Try singing the chorus through as she sings it, then try singing it through with these words instead as a test:

"and You will always know you, you will always know you".

Can you feel how those narrower 'oo' vowels are easier to sing?

Keep your eyes open in future for some blog posts on how vowels can both help and hinder your voice… or if you really can't wait to find out then why not book a lesson now using the links below!

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