Gift Vouchers

Why should I buy singing lessons as a gift?

Singing is good for you. Fact.
Singing releases endorphins, the brain's 'feel good' chemicals. It can help destress, build confidence, beat depression, and just generally make you feel pretty awesome! Studies also show that it keeps Alzheimer's at bay! So why aren't we all doing it!? Well if you're not happy with how your voice sounds, or you know someone who isn't confident about their voice, then lessons are the best way to help bring out that real voice that's in there somewhere!
While we're on the subject, singing in groups is less scary than singing on your own... safety in numbers and all... so why not suggest to a friend that they join our choir? We can also take gift payments if you want to give someone the gift of attending choir for a term, get in touch now and we'll let you know what you need to do. Please visit the website for Lucy McLean's Pop Choir here for more details. 


How can I buy singing lessons as a gift?

Just use the paypal link above to purchase as many gift vouchers as you like. You'll receive a receipt from paypal and a gift voucher in the post shortly afterwards. If you have any special requirements for you gift vouchers in terms of postal address or speed, please specify this in the 'message' section of the paypal payment. 

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