Why Lucy?


Lucy is the highest qualified singing teacher in York. Every year Lucy takes exams, attends conferences and trains in one of the best singing techniques out there, all taught through The IVA (Institute for Vocal Advancement). 

Lucy is currently on leave of absence from IVA until June 2019.


Lucy is trained in how to get the most out of your voice, no matter what the issues you're struggling with are, high notes, breathing or vocal damage to name just a few. With Lucy you can rest assured that your voice is in good hands and that you're being taught in the best and most effective way. 


Lucy has countless students that have had their voices completely transformed by the technique and through Lucy's help in training them to apply it.  Lucy is completely confident that she can help anyone improve their voice, even in the first lesson. 


More recently Lucy has started taking further training in the science of your voice, the muscles involved in making the voice work and how they work in harmony with each other to create sound. Why not check out the blog section of this website or sign up to our mailing list to make sure you receive tips and hints from Lucy herself. 


What is Lucy's background?


In 2010 Lucy began training in Speech Level Singing technique, where she achieved a Level 1 qualification. Lucy has since left the Speech Level Singing organisation to join the IVA, a new and exciting venture for singing teachers. The IVA is a non-profit organisation that specialises in training teachers of singing as well as funding scientific research of the voice. 

Lucy is really enjoying being part of the IVA having already attended their European Mini Conference in both 2013 & 2014 as well as attending their International Conference in California in May 2014. The IVA offers exceptional training for singing teachers and Lucy is set to continue to learn a great deal about the voice and gradually perfect her knowledge so that she can train people even more effectively. She also passed her Instructor 3.5 exams in late 2016 and is now a qualified Level 3.5 IVA Instructor.


Lucy has always had a love for singing that she was fortunate enough to develop into a career. 

"I've always loved singing but never realised how far technique could actually transform your voice until I started professional training. My voice went from a tiny range with a huge crack in the middle (which was awful to listen to...) to a confident voice using 4 (and sometimes 5) of my bridges with no cracks, no strain and no discomfort. It's pretty nice to listen to (from what I'm told!) and it feels incredible to be able to sing songs that I always thought were way too hard or totally out of my range. I cannot recommend this technique enough. I rant and rave about how incredible it is because I've seen first hand what it can do with the voice."

Who has Lucy trained with?

Lucy has trained with some of the best vocal coaches in the world, including Greg Enriquez, Spencer Welch and more locally, Heather Baker.

Greg Enriquez is regarded by several Entertainment Professionals to be the most effective and commercial Vocal Technique Instructor in Las Vegas. He has successfully coached hundreds of singers, dancers, and actors in every aspect of musical performance, including Solange Knowles & Britney Spears. Greg is also a Master Speech Level Singing Teacher, trained by the legendary Seth Riggs.

Spencer Welch is one of the premier vocal coaches in North America, often called upon to prepare recording artists and actors for studio, concert, theatre and film work. Spencer has worked with artists signed to Universal, Interscope, Nettwerk, Capitol and Integrity Hosanna.

Heather Baker of Heather Baker Singing Studios in Chester has a thriving studio and an incredible amount of experience in training people to sing. She also works closely with Greg Enriquez, Spencer Welch and countless other well known vocal coaches. Her private clients include gigging musicians, songwriters, television personalities, journalists, signed artists, MOBO award and Mercury award nominees, Malta music award winners and all sorts of amateur singers. Heather has also lectured on the music course at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), Paul McCartney's performing arts university.​

Through training with these incredible coaches, Lucy has learned and continues to learn the best way to develop your voice and maintain health in your vocal chords. In many cases Lucy is able to rehabilitate vocal damage caused by poor teaching or years of abuse, that would otherwise limit or even end a career, or worse - require continual medical intervention. Training with Lucy can help 'fix' these problems by ironing out issues with vocal technique to help keep your vocal chords healthy.

Lucy is committed to continued training with these incredible vocal coaches to ensure that her teaching is kept at a high level and also so that you can rest assured that she knows what she's talking about!​​


Level III Certified IVA Instructor

Lucy McLean

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