"Pentatonix - making music with your mouth!" 

6th September 2013


So recently I went to the IVA European Mini Conference where I got together with a bunch of other IVA Instructors and some of them introduced me to the WONDER of Pentatonix. Oh my gosh. 






They make music with just their mouths. This literally is awesome and I LOVE it. 

So here is a music video they recently did including a fabulous guest named Natalie Weiss who is singing the lead part. In case you haven't been on facebook or twitter OR seen my mail shots recently then firstly, where on earth have you been, and secondly Natalie Weiss is the legendary creator of 'Breaking Down the Riffs'. I also TOTALLY got to break down a riff with her in the webinar she did at the IVA conference. Oh yes I did. 



Anyway they have recreated the song 'When Love Takes Over' originally by Kelly Rowland, and done it all just using their voices. Incredible.



Now watch it and see for yourself! 



P.S. They are touring in the UK really soon so check out their website for tickets here:




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