Jenna Darrell, Teenstar Finalist 2014

Right: Jenna performing at the Teen Star UK Grand Final in 2014

Jenna is a regular performer and recently got through to the Grand Finals of Teen Star UK. She then went on to get to the Area Finals of Open Mic UK. She also recently won the Minster FM Young Stars Top Talent Award for 2014. 

"Lucy is a fantastic vocal coach who is always patient and positive with me. Whilst I’m still only 14 years old I’ve been inolved in and around singing and musical theatre since I was 5 years old. I’ve come across and had many singing teachers and coaches, but Lucy is the best by far. She makes the lessons so much fun and has taught me some brilliant techniques along with giving me the confidence to perform more main stream songs I never thought I would be able to sing, away from my comfort zone of musical theatre. Since starting with Lucy I have gone on to make the Teenstar National Grand Final beating 9,000 others hopefuls across the country to make the final at my first attempt, something I didn’t believe was possible and certainly  wouldn’t have achieved without Lucy helping and supporting me all the way, thanks Lucy you’re the best!" 


"In my first lesson with Lucy, we started by discussing what I wanted to achieve with my voice. For example I wanted to work on my range and my stamina. After only a few lessons I could already hear a big improvement in my voice as my range has grown and my voice is now less breathy. I think I have achieved these positive things so quickly because lessons with Lucy are fun and enjoyable and Lucy adapts the lesson and the exercises we do to suit me. In the future I'm really excited about where my voice is going and what I'm going to be able to achieve in the future with Lucy's help."

Laura is a 16 year old singer songwriter and also a regular performer around York. She recently got through to the Area Finals of Open Mic UK beating 9000 of other contestants to get there.

Laura Kindelan, Singer Songwriter


"I thought my voice was gone forever but Lucy helped me find it again, I can now sing more strongly and clearly and my vocal range is extending with each lesson.  Lessons are hard work and fun, each one helps me to ground my voice and develop it’s strength and character.


Within the first lesson Lucy had diagnosed my voice type and started to work on the problem areas, and there were many: too much air, too quiet, no strength, no projection.  I knew some of this as I could no longer reach the back of the class room or sing my favourite songs without fading out or squeaking.  With Lucy’s patience, knowledge and skill I can now definitely be heard over the hubbub. I've now worked on songs I never thought I'd be able to sing, so I would say I’ve come a long way in a short period of time.  There’s more work to do but as I know what I’m aiming for and have the recordings of the lessons to work from as well as seeing Lucy, I feel confident I can achieve my goals. As a fifty something, I had given up any chance of singing again, but now I know I can and that I can improve and strengthen my voice further."


Right: Sandra, performing in Blood & Chocolate in York 2013




"Lucy has given so much encouragement to me, making me believe in myself and my singing. She makes lessons SO much fun and since coming to Lucy, I have won 2 competitions, including winning the G-Factor at the Galtres Festival in 2012 and singing in front of 1000 people! Lucy has a winning formula and I would recommend her to anyone who loves to sing."


Francesca, aged 11, York

Claire, Lead Singer of The Sidewinders

"Lucy is a great coach. She makes you instantly feel at ease in your lesson and caters to exactly what you want to achieve with your voice. She is also very creative and will help you work on any songs you are wanting to sing. People have commented on how much stronger my voice has become and my range has also been broadened with the vocal exercises she has shown me."


The Sidewinders


"I cannot sing Lucy's praises enough! As soon as I started lessons with her, the tone, strength and power of my voice began to improve, along with the range of notes that I was able to sing. Lucy is a fantastic teacher because she is always positive, encouraging and patient, as well as being extremely knowledgeable. I come away buzzing after every lesson because I know that I have learned something new and can sing something better than I could before. I sincerely recommend Lucy to absolutely anyone, young or old, who wants to find out what their voice is really capable of."


Left: Maria performing in Anything Goes at Middlesbrough Theatre, 2012

Joe Johnson, Professional Gigging Musician

"After working as a professional musician for a number of years, I still wasn't completely happy with my voice. However after starting lessons with Lucy my voice and my technique has improved hugely in a matter of weeks." 


Joe Johnson, Guitar Tutor & Professional Gigging artist for a well known band in the North of England.

"I have been gigging in bands for the best part of 20 years as the guitarist with backing vocal duties. In more recent years I've been singing more and more when the opportunity to sing lead vocals with The Mojos came about. I had seen Lucy's Pop Choir performing and decided to go for some proper one-to-one tuition. 


With Lucy's tuition, I have been able to reach notes that were previously impossible without resorting to shouting andstanding on tip toes!! In fact, quite the opposite, I feel much less strain on my voice and singing has become a lot more pleasurable, which is what it is all about. I now understand some of the mechanical aspects of singing thanks to Lucy and that has really helped to develop my technique.


Singing is a great thing for everyone to do, wherever you intend to take it." 


Andy Bowen, lead singer of The Mojos